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Proposals Frequently Asked Questions

How do you generate proposals?  Click here for a quote request.

            Ohana Steel Buildings generates custom quote using Multi-Suite software.  This allows inputs of width, length, and height as well as bay width.  Fiberglass panels, roll-up doors of all sizes, personnel doors and other options are also available.

Why can’t I get a quote from a contractor from your proposal?

            Many contractors will not provide quotes for erecting and/or finishing your building until you have stamped structural plans in hand.  Please see the engineering FAQ link for a sample set of our structural plans.  We provide such plans in the initial stage of our buildings.  Often, financing institutions will not complete financing transactions without such plans either.  

Who will put up my building?

            We provide structural drawings and materials.  While we do not erect buildings, nor do we have licensing to do so, we do make introductions to contractors.  Many local contractors can excavate, lay foundations, erect and/or finish the building, etc.  There is a crew of experienced contactors familiar with Outback Steel BuildingsTM from the mainland.  Should you require their services, please contact us.

            Our buildings are designed for simple construction in mind.  Our buildings bolt together.  Small buildings especially are easily put together by a few friends.  


Do you have someone familiar with your product who can put up my building?

Yes.  We have several contractors in the islands familiar with our products.  There is also crew from the mainland who can erect your building very quickly.  Please contact us for their services.  There are several contractors in the Hawaiian islands who are also familiar with our buildings, and have erected some already!

When a proposal is delivered, what does that mean?

            Upon delivery of any Ohana Steel Buildings custom quote, the software creates a Bill Of Materials.  This Bill of Materials (BOM) provides an exact list of the materials required to fulfill that customer’s building order.  The BOM also provides each type of material, fastener, insulation type, purpose and exact length and location of each member.  The BOM also provides exact weight of your building.  In short, when a quote is delivered, it is ready to proceed into engineering immediately.             

Updates with steel and fuel prices increase periodically.  Unless signed contracts with first payment are received before the purchase documents expire, the contract may be subject to price increase, and maybe revised.

Do you offer floor plans for homes and ohanas?  www.coolhouseplans.com and we have a catalogue of designs for you to choose from. 

          We encourage you to find the floor plan you like and let us quote to your floor plan.  Please note, we encourage you to figure out what you like in a home plan.  However, we may have to adjust the spacing and roofline to accommodate our products for your needs.

Do you offer standard house and garage plans?

Yes, we offer a few floor plans for customers to begin their building solutions.  However, our plans can be changed to accommodate any custom additions, etc.  Please see our catalogue for details.

I have a limited budget.  Should I buy small and upgrade later? 

Depending on your building purpose, you may want to go big before small.  If we get any comments on our buildings, it is usually “I should have gone bigger.”  However, this does depend on your budget. 

I want more square footage to my building you are quoting.  Should I go longer or wider, or make a second story?

Because the footprint of the building, that is, the ground it sits on, is the same with a second story, going up is usually cheaper (and easier) than going out.  The same roof and the same foundation is required whether one or two stories.  All you add is the mezzanine materials and longer wall sheets, and the supporting elements.  Expansion out not only changes the roofline and required materials, but also increases the amount of concrete needed.

How long are your proposals good for?

Our proposals are valid 10 days from the date of the proposal.  Unless signed contracts are received, along with initial payment, the proposal will expire. 

What is required the payment breakdown? 
             20% of the final building price is required to start, along with signed contracts.  This payment gets your building plans into engineering.  This is the first payment and is not refundable.

70% of the final building price is due when the building is ordered, which will send your building components into production 

                10% of the final building quote is required prior to deliver of the building to the jobsite, which is within 30 days of the second payment.  **If there is any damage or discrepancies, a maximum of $1,000 is withheld until they are reconciled.  The final $1,000 is immediately due when any discrepancies are rectified.**


Please keep in mind, last minute changes will not only alter final building quotes, but will delay delivery.

When I request a quote, what happens then? 

If you own the property in which the building will be built (the jobsite), and provide a sketch or layout (and/or pictures), we will then generate a proposal.  Please see the .pdf file sample proposal for a sample proposal.

As proposals take many hours to complete, without property closed and a layout, a proposal cannot be delivered.  However, a price quote can be delivered to those wanting to plan a more long term project, without a detailed proposal. 

What if I need financing? 

           We have several options for customers needing financing.  See our financing options.  

I am happy with your proposal you gave me and I am ready to get started, so now what?

              1)  Choose colors and/or types for roofing and siding, window placements and door types.            

           2)  Keep in mind any options such as overhangs, staircases, etc. you would like to add. Please see our many options available on our options page.

            3)  Contact Ohana Steel Buildings for paperwork review and signatures


Once the first payment is paid for the documents are signed, you will need:

               1)  A plot plan for your jobsite.  If you don’t have one, we can direct you to an architect or engineer to obtain one.  This will allow your final orientation of your building on your lot.            

              2)  Finalize the building dimensions, taking into account the orientation of rain, wind and sun patterns. 

How can I pay you these installments? 

           Ohana Steel Buildings accepts payment by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and by PAYPAL.  Payments 2 and 3 may incur a 3% convenience fee if paid other than check.  

How long do you hold my proposal price before I am subject to price increases?

Ninety days from contract signing.  If your building materials are not ordered before the 90 day time limit, periodic price increases from steel and fuel surcharges, along with other increases, will result in revising the quoted price.

Why do I need to supply a sketch or layout of my requested building?

This gives us a better idea of what you are looking for in a building or home.  Things like doors, window placement and garage doors will allow us to help create your layout and give you an accurate proposal.

Do you offer two story buildings?

Yes, we offer buildings of all kinds with mezzanines.

Do you offer home additions?

Yes, but require extensive layout drawings and usually pictures to do this accurately. 

            Current costs per square foot range from low to high depending upon the size of the structure, the terrain and the upgrades.  You can look at www.mauiboard.com and check out prices for new homes to see how the prices fluctuate. 

How do I compare classic rib cost with hardy panel?

            Hardie Board versus our 26 gauge classic rib is more expensive but a great option for our buildings.  Well worth the price for our salty areas!  We can arrange to have the hardy board products purchased and delivered with your building, or you can do this yourself and receive a credit for the classic rib siding.  

What is the cost difference in the 4.85:12 vs. 2.55:12 pitch?

            Our buildings use light gauge cold rolled steel.  Using a higher pitch with this large a building means the steel has to carry more load.  To reduce the load, we have to add more bays which is more steel.  Changing the roof pitch adds up to a sizable difference. 

Regarding the cost of steel framing: can it be priced separately?

            The cost of the steel framing can be isolated from the cost of the entire package, but has to be completed by hand.  

If you don't see your question listed, please email us by clicking here.

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